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These outstanding applications and sites have been created by club members for your enjoyment and use. You can check the traffic cameras to make your drive more enjoyable. You can also listen to the club playlist mixed with secular and Christian music by various artists to help keep you occupied.Take a look at WMH3.com which is a website made to entertain you with pretty much anything designed by our club president and founder Will Hinson. If you like programming or not EasyBTL is the easiest programming language out there with instructions on how to learn within five minutes.

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    • Interstate 95 Traffic Cameras

    • Computer Sciences Club Playlist

    • WMH3.com

    • EasyBTL - Learn Programming in five minutes


Useful Widgets:

These are widgets that can be useful in everyday life or entertaining yourself. Right now we do not have a large selection but we are cobstantly working on giving you more widgets.

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   • Weather Widget

   • The Game Collection

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